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Post  Nork on Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:14 pm

Nurami Roleplay Handbook!

Welcome to Nurami! Here are a few guidelines for you before you start posting.
I will be covering Basic Roleplaying guidelines and Nurami Specific guidelines. I suggest taking the time to review both, although the basic roleplaying guidelines are focused mostly on the less-experienced roleplayer.
  • Please review these before asking any questions, if the answer's not here or in the rules - Ask away!

Basic Roleplaying guidelines

  • Posts should keep to a First Person Perspective in Past Tense. (Keeping all the posts like this makes the roleplay smoother.)
    as an example: "Brynn walked to the pokemon center. She didn't hear what the Nurse said."

  • Do not Powerplay or Godmod. Be fair to your fellow roleplayers and give your character realistic limits. It's unfair if your character wins every fight or always gets super-powered pokemon. In the Nurami-Specific guidelines I will cover other aspects of how Godmoding and Powerplaying may appear in this roleplay's context and how to avoid it.

  • Please try to stay entirely IC (in character) while in the roleplay boards. OOC (out of character) or unrelated posts will be considered spam. However it is fine to add a brief OOC comment to your post, just keep it in parenthesis and single it out from the rest of the post, so as to keep it clear.
    For example: A post in a roleplay thread that only says "Hey guys good morning!" is spam. But if you added that to an actual IC post in ()'s, it's fine.

  • Posts in this RP are expected to be of a medium length. Don't write an essay, but please keep it more than a few sentences long.
    As it says in the rules; " Use correct grammar and spelling to the best of your ability. No one's perfect, so mistakes are fine."
    The aim is for your post to provide enough information to be replied to, while also being understandable.

  • Have fun! Don't stress out about writing the perfect post - just relax and roleplay!

Nurami-Specific Guidelines

  • In this roleplay a pokemon is not limited to just 4 moves!
    Please keep egg moves reasonable, and while this roleplay is very non-technical, please try to keep the amount of time for a pokemon to learn a move reasonable as well, (Meaning a young pokemon learning hyper beam right off the bat is a little much.)

    As for TM and Tutor Moves, these can be taught within actual roleplay, don’t be afraid to have your character buy a TM or two!

  • Pokemon in this roleplay do not have levels. It doesn't fit in with the non-techical aspect of the roleplay. Just try to gauge the experience the pokemon has to judge when to evolve it, give it new moves, etc.

    Whenever you feel that your Pokemon is ready to evolve, feel free to make it happen. Just be sure that you keep it realistic and interesting!

  • More on Godmodding and Powerplaying. While it's fine to have strong pokemon, make sure you're not giving yourself too much of an direct advantage over other roleplayers.
    - Legendaries are a HUGE no-no.
    - Keep your trainer's first pokemon realistic. Think of what pokemon would be offered to a kid, or available to one. Starting with a Scyther or Kangaskhan is a bit unlikely. If the trainer you're playing as is more experienced, then do adjust the team to suit.
    - And again, keep it fair when it comes to battles. You don't have to win all the time, just don't take it personally and remember that you're playing through a character. (If your character is cheater, experienced trainer or thief or whatever, that's fine - but even then they can have downfalls.)
    - also, obviously, no hacks! If the pokemon is incapable of having that ability or move, then it shouldn't have it! Also keep shiny pokemon to a realistic minimum.

  • Pokemon may have all the abilities avaliable to them that can applicable to the roleplay setting. (as having a pokemon that can be seen floating but doesn't have levitate is a bit weird. On this subject, anything that is stated without rumor in the pokemon's pokedex entry may apply.)


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